RingLead University is a free online learning Free online learning platform covering CRM & MAP Data Cleansing, Multi-Source Enrichment, Data Optimization Workflows, Lead Routing, Segmentation, and more.

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  • After you complete the “Introduction to Data Orchestration” course, you will receive a discount code to order some special RingLead Certified swag from the RingLead brand store!

Getting Started with RingLead


Data Orchestration & Routing Fundamentals – Course

What you can expect to learn:

  • How to remove duplicates and from your GTM datasets.
  • How to Match Leads to Accounts.
  • How to Standardize Your Database to your company’s taxonomy and Segment your database into clear buyer personas and sales territories.
  • How to use Mass Update to make bulk data modifications such as re-assigning ownership.
  • How to seamlessly process list imports—deduping, normalizing, and matching to accounts in a single flow.
  • How to Build Territory and Account Based Lead Routing & Round Robin Assignment workflows.