Data Orchestration and Routing Fundamentals

Data Orchestration and Routing Fundamentals

Data Orchestration & Routing Fundamentals


Become a data hero in this Data Orchestration & Routing Fundamentals Masterclass and earn your RingLead certification! In this masterclass, we walk you through the RingLead platform in its entirety. Taking a “dupe dive” into each of the core product features by completing many of the most popular tasks and use-case scenarios RevOps teams perform to orchestrate their data and fuel their revenue engines every day.

After completing this course, you will know how to...

  • Remove duplicates and from your GTM datasets.
  • Match Leads to Accounts.
  • Standardize Your Database to your company’s taxonomy and Segment your database into clear buyer personas and sales territories.
  • Build Territory and Account Based Lead Routing & Round Robin Assignment workflows.
  • Mass Update to make bulk data modifications such as re-assigning ownership.
  • Seamlessly process list imports—deduping, normalizing, and matching to accounts in a single task and workflow.
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Enrolled: 491 students
Duration: 2.5 Hours
Lectures: 39
Data Orchestration and Routing Fundamentals